Smart Systems Integration Conference: Dresden, Germany – March 22/23

Roger Grace will make a presentation at the Smart Systems Integration Conference in Dresden Germany on March 22/23, 2011. His presentation…”MEMS-Based Systems Solutions” will address many of the new and emerging applications of this “smart systems “approach and will demonstrate how suppliers of “smart systems” can achieve “blue ocean” business success through product differentiation and higher gross margin.
The abstract of the presentation is presently available at the Roger Grace Associates website ( The Power Point presentation and the paper which is included in the conference proceedings will be available on the website starting on March 24, 2011.
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4 Responses to “Smart Systems Integration Conference: Dresden, Germany – March 22/23”

  1. Clifford Vaughan Says:

    Roger, Glad to see you are still pushing the MEMS technology. Good luck with your presentation.

    • mistermems Says:

      Cliff…thank you for your comment. I am in Naples Florida heading to Boston tomorrow for the month of June. I trust that things are going well for you and Christy. I am still working very hard.


  2. Dresden Says:

    I was there it was a very good presentation!

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