Meet Roger Grace at 3-D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging. December 8-10

Roger Grace will be attending the annual 3-D IC conference at the SF Hyatt (Airport) hotel on Dec. 8-10 and will be reporting in various media his “take-aways” from this event as they relate to MEMS. One would ask why a ”MEMS guy” would do so…and the answer is that I believe (as well as many others) that 3-D Integration will be the next important technology that will continue to enable the widespread application of MEMS into high volume/low cost applications. I have been “evangelizing” this belief over the past couple of years and based on many of the MEMS people that I talk with frequently…they concur wholeheartedly.

I am (as some of you have surmised) a true believer of the “lessons learned”concept…thank you Prof. Steve Walsh who was one of my co-founders at MANCEF. I continue to believe that to be able to track the activities of the IC industry will provide the MEMS community with a great deal of information at a relatively low cost. The next step is the judicious selection of specific parts of what they have learned as it applies to MEMS. Considering that the IC industry’s annual sales are greater than 20 times that of MEMS, we can assume that they have a lot more money to play with in terms of R&D expenditures. The MEMS industry can pick and choose which specific aspects of IC 3-D integration works best with its product offerings.

I strongly recommend attending this event to the MEMS community as a means to achieve better planning , future product direction and resource allocation. I look forward to seeing you there and would welcome hearing back from you (or even better…meeting you at the conference).

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